Fear Blocks us from our goals by Teresa R Laurente

Freedom does not come from excuses but from action. In whatever decision we implement in our life here on earth, stagnation is one way to the road of failure and or a life of complacency. Indeed it is not easy to go out there and flaunt ourselves for the world to recognize our vulnerability. But for me, I would rather embrace the concept of who I am in this world rather than not knowing about myself, at all. For a long time I was silent, all because I was afraid what people may perceived of me. But, my strong sense of having my thoughts flew outside of my mind, is one great desire I harbor and kept tightly in my palm for fear that I will be labeled negatively. But I cannot contain what I have inside of my heart any longer so, I brave myself; opened my palm and let my weirdness float in the atmosphere. I may be noticed or not, but what do I care, in this age and time the internet has become a surrogate incubator of anything in this world. Anything goes!

We all have our wishes and desires, the dreams we carry in our hearts, that someday we hope to fulfill. Until we are willing to focus on ourself and not on the outside of us, we will not be able to accomplish our life plans. I do not believe that there is one person in the world, who have no hopes and dreams that they have not waved out there in space and time, with a prayer for those dreams and hopes to be acquired in their lifetime. It doesn’t matter how small we think we are, if we own our true identity and by being honest to ourself, we still can make a difference in someone’s else’s life. We can still shine our light and become an inspiration to someone out there who can relate to our story. There is no perfect time to do it and never ever wait for the right answer to your questions, because; there is none. Take responsibility of your life because this is not handed to you. We take that responsibility in and go for it. It is a jungle out there, go and find your space, develop it and make it your own. Do whatever it is that makes you feel right and that you are convinced that you have done your best.

It is undeniable that some people in our society have prejudices about anyone. It’s nothing new! This kind of society has been there for ages older than the Bible. There are so many underlying reasonings about this behavior, though I am not a psychiatrist, but the wisdom I have gathered through my sixty-five years of existence on this earth have shown me the patterns and standards of these kind of attitudes. Some are just plain mean; passive-aggressive, some are threatened by that person’s personal growth because they are stagnating, some are jealous and envious, some are discriminating on those people they perceived to be lowly in their eyes, and many, many more reasonings. You can even add here what you can think of.

I have these mentors that I have discovered thirty some years ago. I love to read and collect books. My library consists mainly of non-fiction books from business to self development and motivational-inspirational contents. I bring these books everywhere I moved to reside; from California to Texas and in every home I habitate. And, because I have always been busy working from running a business and helping others and volunteering for a church, it has limited me to read as much as I would love having a book in my arms and be totally engrossed by it. So, I have gotten the habit of collecting audio books as well, of the same nature. I have learned to develop affinity with these authors; that when some of them die, I grieved as much as any one family does. Top of my list are: Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziegler, Dr Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, U.S. Andersen, and many more. The books that have impacted my life most were; The Secret of Secrets, You can Heal your Life and Purpose driven Life. These books have an indelible mark in my spirit. It is has story of its own in my life that, I can share with you in the future. Most of them have made me cry-sobbing-rocking me to sleep in the midsts of its chapters. And they definitely woke me up from the slumber party of life and also healed my decaying heart.

But the message I want to impart in here is that; if you have a dream, a desire on what you want to do in life, go for it. Be brave and accept that this is a harsh world. Many will get angry with you for just writing your story. Odd, right? But it’s true. My message is; don’t mind them, go for your dreams because if you fear that they will attack you with their commentaries and stories, which they will and often do, they are not wiped out on this earth. When one dies, another one will take his/her place and they will be more blunt, ugly and unforgiving. So, just do it. Focus on yourself on the good that you can do to yourself and others who can relate with you. “Fear is Love as Darkness is to Light.” Behind every fear, there is a miracle waiting for you. Believe me, it happened to me: when I decided to stop working and focus on my painting and writing, the world conspired to make it happen for me. You only have to love yourself and every creature and things around you. It’s because Love is who we are. And every-time we deviate from that Love, is when miracles are blocked. And by Love I mean: tolerant, accepting, and embracing our diversity as people and creatures of habits, molded by culture. That is; in collaboration which is the manifestation of love is when your breakthrough happens. You create you own miracles when you are Love.

Life can be difficult. There are times when we cannot make sense of what is happening to us at a given moment. We just have faith in ourself with prayers that we can pull ourself out from the pit we fell on. As the saying goes; nothing lasts forever, the good times and the bad times. But the difficulties in our life cannot harm us; they make us stronger and persevering. As adults we become parents to ourselves, no matter these difficulties, we have to push ourselves to do the things needed to be done and stop ourselves of what we know that we should not be doing. Just do the things worth doing that you feel could give an impact to your life, your family, and the people around you. No matter how simple it is, it can make a difference in your life and in someone else. As Mahatma Gandhi said: “In a gentle way you can shake the world”. So shake the world, if you may, it won’t stop the bashers. They even will become prolific, so prolific that they too; will shake the world.

“Faith is a gift of the Spirit that allows the soul to remain attached to its own unfolding” – Thomas Moore.

Seize the moment. Act on your desires and impulses to make your dreams come true for you. Life is not a race. There is no competition nor a contest going on. It is between you and you; your belief, your truth and your faith. We are in a journey; so speak up because if you don’t do it now, when will you do it then? The truth is that; we are disgusted with ourself when time comes that our faculties will wane down and that we can no longer feel the agility of our hands and feet, our eyes and brain. We are disgusted with ourself when we feel regrets and in our deathbed our thoughts will carry us to the things we hoped for and yet we did not take the actions to get it.

Here’s my take away for this thought: Be willing to fail. You have to be okay when people talk about you, how bad you do things. Be willing to be wrong and accept people to get angry with you for no reason at all. It’s never going to get easier. Its never fun. But if you believe in doing the things that could help even one person, change someone, and can make a difference in other people’s lives, let them make fun of you, for all you care. You are still the winner, no matter what society sees it. Awaken your sacred dream, rattle your spirit and bring to life the secret longings in your heart. Time fly swiftly and you are not getting any younger. Time does not wait. Just do it. You my dear, can achieve anything whatever you put your mind into.